Offering Professional Digital Tech, Photo Assist, and Equipment Services

I support photographers and producers through digital capture management, lighting design, and a suite of strobe and grip packages. I bring dedication and the utmost professionalism to all of my clients, shoots, and productions both large and small. I take pride in running an efficient and safe set, both in studio and on location. Attention to detail and proactive problem solving keeps everything running smoothly all the way through wrap, day after day.

When it comes down to it, I've got your back so you can focus on the shoot and keep wowing clients. 

My equipment packages represent the gear and peripherals I’ve learned to rely on through assisting a wide variety of photographers, from trusted industry standard brands such as Profoto, Matthews, Apple, Pelican, and Filmtools. All strobe and grip is personally organized, tested, and maintained to be in excellent working order when it's time to shoot.

The best part? It all shows up with me, early to call time and ready to go. This isn’t your traditional grip house so you can forget about delivery fees and late returns.

Get in touch for availability and full equipment info. I work locally in both the DC and Baltimore metro areas and never shy away from travel. 



(703) 541-8018